Welcome to The Leapman Institute's Research Programs: A Guide for Admitted Students

Congratulations on your acceptance to The Leapman Institute’s Research Programs! As you prepare to join us, we have compiled a list of essential steps to help you get ready for your experience at The Leapman Institute. This guide is tailored specifically for students who have been admitted to our Research Programs courses, ensuring a smooth transition into your academic journey with us.

Completing Enrollment for The Leapman Institute's Research Programs

  • To finalize your acceptance into The Leapman Institute’s Research Programs, please visit your Leapman Application Portal and complete the Decision Form. This form includes a few simple questions and, for students within the U.S., requires the entry of your social security number to facilitate the creation of your academic record. If you are an international student or do not possess a social security number, you may leave this field empty. Upon submitting this form, our student records team will contact you with a unique Leapman identification number.
  • In addition to accepting the offer, securing your spot in the program necessitates the payment of a non-refundable deposit. This deposit should be made within ten business days following the receipt of your admission offer.
  • Should you choose not to join The Leapman Institute’s Research Programs, you have the option to decline the admission offer by accessing and completing the Decision Form in your Application Portal.

Class Preparation Guidelines

Technology Requirements:

In general, The Leapman Institute’s Research Programs do not require specific devices such as laptops or tablets. However, specialized courses, for instance, coding academies, may have unique technological needs. It is crucial to consult the specific course page for any detailed device requirements. While electronic devices can be beneficial for note-taking, their use within the classroom is governed by each instructor’s guidelines. Residential students are permitted to use their devices for entertainment and communication during their free time.

Materials and Textbooks:

Students enrolled in most Research Programs at The Leapman Institute are not required to purchase additional materials prior to the commencement of their courses. Typically, the necessary course materials are included in the tuition fees. Students, however, might find it helpful to have personal note-taking tools, be they traditional or digital.

Course-Specific Material Requirements:

Each course within the Research Programs may have its own set of required materials, as outlined in the respective course syllabi. Some of these materials could be available on the Institute’s online learning platform. The Leapman Institute Bookstore offers a variety of options for procuring course materials, including purchasing or renting new, used, or digital textbooks. It is advisable for students to attend the initial class session before acquiring any course materials. Additionally, students should consider the potential need for note-taking equipment or devices, while being mindful that policies regarding device use may vary by instructor.

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