The Leapman Institute adheres to structured payroll procedures to ensure efficient and timely compensation of our workforce. Our payroll process is distinguished by payment frequency for hourly and salaried employees, stringent time reporting requirements, a streamlined direct deposit system, and meticulous pay check distribution and W-2 reporting protocols.

Payment Frequency

  • Hourly (Non-Exempt) Employees: This category includes administrative staff, student employees, and work-study participants. They are compensated bi-weekly every other Friday. Payments are made with a one-week lag, covering hours worked up to the preceding Friday. The subsequent week’s hours are compensated in the next paycheck. Detailed schedules of pay periods and dates are available for reference.
  • Salaried (Exempt) Employees: Faculty, professional staff, research assistants, teaching assistants, graduate assistants, and those receiving scholarships/fellowships fall under this category. They receive their salaries on the last working day of each month, based on an even distribution of their annual or term salary over the months of their employment. Payments are not made on a lag basis; instead, they cover the entirety of the current month, with pro-rated adjustments for partial months. A comprehensive schedule of pay periods and dates is provided.

Time Reporting Requirements

  • Hourly Employees: Must accurately log all hours worked and any time off. Hours are reported via the Web*Time Entry system in DrexelOne, requiring departmental approval for payroll processing. Deadlines for timesheet submissions are strictly enforced to prevent system lockout.
  • Salaried Employees: Those accruing leave are mandated to submit a monthly leave report, even if no leave is taken. This report, facilitated through the Exempt Leave Reporting app in DrexelOne, must be approved by a supervisor and can include various types of leave. Specific guidelines are available on how to submit and approve these reports.

Direct Deposit Enrollment

All employees are encouraged to enroll in direct deposit for the secure and convenient access to their earnings. The enrollment process involves completing the Direct Deposit Authorization Form, with activation typically within two pay cycles. Once active, paper paychecks are replaced by electronic notifications, directing employees to access their pay stub information online.

Paycheck Distribution

Until direct deposit is activated, paychecks are mailed to the employee’s home address, with efforts made to ensure timely receipt. However, delays due to mailing cannot be guaranteed against.

W-2 Reporting

Annually, the Institute issues W-2 forms to employees for tax filing purposes, dispatched by January 31st for the preceding year’s wages. Employees have the option to receive these electronically through DrexelOne, furthering our commitment to efficient administrative processes.

The Leapman Institute is dedicated to maintaining transparent and effective payroll practices, ensuring our staff is supported in their professional endeavors through timely and accurate compensation.